Why is barcode widely used?

What are the advantages of barcode? Why is PVC bar code widely used? Why do customers choose to use bar code card now? Here, Seaory talks about the advantages of bar code card from 6 aspects, hope to help you understand well.

1. High reliability. The reading accuracy of barcode is much higher than that of manual record. On average, there is only one error per 15000 characters.

2. Easy to operate. The structure of barcode recognition equipment is simple and easy to use.

3. Flexible and practical. Barcode symbol can be input by manual keyboard, and it can also form an identification system with relevant equipment to realize automatic identification. It can also be connected with other control equipment to realize automatic management of the whole system.

4. Easy to make. Barcode writing is very simple, only need printing for making, known as "printable computer language".

5. High efficiency. The reading speed of barcode is very fast, which is equivalent to 40 characters per second.

6. Low cost. Compared with other automatic recognition technologies, barcode technology only needs a small sticker and relatively simple optical scanner, so the cost is quite low.

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