Sliver or gold, green is the best

June 22 ,2022

Congratulations to Shenzhen Seaory Technology CO.,LTD. for obtaining the ISO14001 environmental management system certification.

Do you all know the ISO14001 Environmental Management System Certification standard? Here is an in-depth understanding of the ISO14001 standard.

ISO14001 series standard is the environmental management system standard developed by the International Organization for Standardization, which is a set of management standards that are ultimately a response to the increasingly serious global environmental pollution and ecological damage, the destruction of the ozone layer, global warming, the disappearance of biodiversity and other major environmental problems threatening the future survival and development of mankind, in line with the development of international environmental protection, based on the needs of international economic and trade development. It is the crystallization of the environmental management experience of the industrialized countries, and the national standards are formulated with the situation of different countries in mind, so that the standards can be commonly applied as much as possible.

Seaory actively responds to the national development concept of "Sliver or gold, green is the best", and takes practical action to implement ISO14001 environmental management system, practicing the social responsibility of protecting the environment.

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